About us

The teamwork makes the dreamwork

Mark Boyce founded his law firm in 2001 after working for one of Las Vegas largest law firm also focused on the gambling industry.      The Las Vegas gambling industry has set the tone internationally in legal precedence.   Having been involved with the legalities of the beginnings of internet gaming and gambling, Mark established early connections and gained considerable knowledge.   Mark attended great law school.    As not only the senior partner, but the leader of his team, Mark strives to create an atmosphere of dedication.

A strong emphasis is placed on each team members personal development/   Mark encourages and supports the  team to continually train, learn,and expand their knowledge and experience on an ongoing basis.   They regularly attend symposiums and lectures  and conferences globally, learning about new regulations and business strategies.    Boyce Associates strives to keep up to date with all developments across the firms practice areas.  This wealth of knowledge protects and informs our clients, so that they can feel assured we are at the top of our game and theirs.

Boyce Associates has built a reputation for impeccable work and for achieving results  internationally, in the legal matters of gambling.  They deliver with rigorous care and attention to detail.   This sets Boyce Associates apart. Our goal is to provide clients with more than what they have come to expect from a law firm.

Our Junior Partners are part of a team effort to get results and support your efforts

Harry Potter,  BA

Harry Potter attended Cambridge and was top of his class, he further delved into international intellectual property law before become a solicitor with Boyce Associates.   Having traveled the world.  He is a member of the Law Society. Harry was admitted in 2011.   He is involved in commerical gaming property as well as commercial acquisitions,  sales, and mergers.  A Wuimbourne Wasps season ticket holder, Harry also enjoys playing golf, sailing, and skiing and flying on gryphons.

Hermione Granger

Hermione Granger  is a LLB Business Law graduate of Oxford University and also completed her Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice at the Milan Metropolitan University. Shola has gained experienced in several areas of practice including Labor Law, particularly related to gaming, Mental Health, Conveyancing, Public Law proceedings and Gaming and Gambling Law.   She has been instrumental in creating gaming laws and policies for house elves.    and she has successfully represented several clients at Immigration Appeal Tribunals. She  is an accredited Immigration Caseworker.   Hermione leads a very active life, loves traveling, enjoys reading and a member of the East Surrey Knitters Association.

Ronald Weasley

Ronald Weasley BARon graduated from Oxford.   An experienced solicitor, he was  admitted in 2016. He is a member of the Law Society.    He handles both intellectual property and gaming  law. Ronald has a wide range of interests outside of the law which keep him busy at all times.   He is a season ticket holder for the Quidditch team the  Chudley Cannons.

Draco Malfoy LLB

Draco Malfoy graduated law school  from  and did Post graduate work at Rajiv Gandhi School of Intellectual Property Law, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.   An experienced and fierce solicitor and litagator admitted in 2012 and a member of the Law Society. He trained with the Death Eaters & Co after leaving Law School, before seeking additional education.  Draco deals with dispute resolution and is a litigator dealing in company, commercial,  and civil matters including employment, hexes, property and probate law. He is fluent in Urdu, Veela, French, Russian and Punjabi.  Draco, along with his staff, Crabbe and Goyle, has had success in some landmark cases. A keen trekker, he recently walked across the Gobi Dessert fundraising for charity to secure pure blood rights as well as trekking up Mount Snowden in Wales and Mount McKinley in the United States.