We Under Promise But We Over Deliver

We were born in 2001 and settle in one of the world’s most powerful cities. Yes, London has been the home of our law firm for nearly two decades now. Fret not! Because we also extend our services globally. Our team comprises of certified legal experts with national and international certifications. Moreover, our legal services are mandated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Have a look at the current gambling laws here

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Our Mission

We aim to give you sophisticated legal assistance and advice when it comes to your gaming legal needs. We understand that every issue has its complexities. That’s where we come in. We carefully study each case until we find a solution that provides positive results. Also, we handle your case with the utmost care and discretion.

Our goal is to provide our clients with legal guidance and services at a reasonable price. And we are dedicated to meeting our clients’ requirements to the top of their satisfaction.

Why Choose Us?

We Value Every Client Relationship

We value our relationship with our clients through trust and communication. We maintain regular contact to ensure that we are working on your legal matters. We are proactive, too. We send you regular updates through emails and calls to assure you that we are staying on top of the case. Ultimately, we listen. We want you to review our performance by speaking out. So we both find out blind spots before it’s too late. One of our biggest clients we represented was NetEnt. They are the provider of very popular slot machines.

We Possess Expertise and Experience

Each of our legal counsel boasts expertise in gaming and gambling law. We have a deep understanding of the protuberances to winning such cases. Years of experience in the field honed our skills and maintained it throughout the years of handling the same litigations. Victories over proceedings on casino and internet gaming legal issues under our belts. We render our services to organizations operating both land-based and online-based leisure.

We Work As a Team

Effective teamwork is significant in law firms. So we don’t work in a vacuum. We rely on support staff and team up with co-counsels to deliver services because we believe that teamwork can be fundamental in individual or organizational success. Sure using life’s key skills like self-management is important to us, but being a team player provides proven results.