Gaming Laws for Playing Online Slots Gratis in Spain

At Boyce Associates, we understand that gambling laws affecting players in Europe are diverse and difficult to navigate and understand. It’s our goal to help make understand those laws simple. Many of our clients have asked whether it is legal to enjoy playing online slots gratis in Spain. This is an excellent question – please read on for further details.

Spanish Gambling History

The history of gambling is Spain is robust. Even before the advent of online casinos, most players in Spain had a favorite land-based casino to enjoy their gambling pastime. Then online casinos and online slots gratis were invented and left many players scrambling to keep up with what was and wasn’t legal.

Spanish Gambling Act of 2011

The country decided to pass a gambling law to help clear up confusion and set standards for security throughout the nation. Spain is divided in autonomous zones, but this law requires all zones to operate under the same rules and safety guidelines.

It clarified that all online slots, including online slots gratis, are completely legal to play. It is up to the individual casino to make sure that they maintain a license with Spain and offer the latest in security.

What are Online Slots Gratis?

Perhaps you’re not quite sure what online slots gratis are. In that case, allow us to explain. Online slots gratis, or free online slots, are games that you can play without putting up any of your own cash. It’s a great option if you’d rather save your real money and just play for fun.
The casino site you choose will give you free, unpaid credits with which to gamble. If you run out of coins while playing online slots gratis, you can simply reload your gaming account and start with a fresh bankroll.

Why Play Online Slots Gratis?

You cannot win any real money with jugar online slots gratis, but you cannot lose money either. This is the perfect gambling choice for several groups of people. First, people who simply enjoy playing the top online slots don’t mind playing for fun instead of money. Second, people who do like to play for real money but are on a limited budget can turn to online slots gratis when they’re gaming budget runs low.

Playing online slots gratis is also an excellent way to test out new games or casinos sites. There are hundreds of top software developers that contribute to casino game suites. When a new slot machine is released, it helps to offer a free-play version. Online slots gratis allow players to experience the graphic quality, betting range, and volatility for themselves. If they end up enjoying it, then they might choose to deposit real money.

Of course, paying online slots gratis can give you a better look at a casino site, too. Maybe you’re considering signing up for a new gambling website. They have a great welcome bonus, sure, but will you enjoy the platform? Can you find your preferred online casino games with ease? Playing online slots gratis allows you to experience the website design for yourself. After all, user interface and website design is a key factor in many player sign ups.

Do You Have More Questions?

The legality of playing online slots gratis is just the tip of the iceberg for online gaming. We at Boyce Associates are always happy to extend our knowledge of the gambling industry and its laws to anyone with question. Please get in touch if you have specific topics you’d like us to address regarding online gambling sites.