The most popular slot machines at NetEnt

The real casino player has known NetEnt for a long time, of course. You probably even know that the company was founded in 1996 and it’s biggest success to date is Starburst. But what else do you know about the slots offered by NetEnt? I’m sure you don’t know them all by heart and for that we’d like to highlight some of the most popular games for you.


It starts off with the intro. It tells the story of the gorgeous thief Kitty who manages to open a safe and captures a lot of valuables. However, she is being chased by two detectives. Will she be able to stay out of their hands? Maybe you can help her with that and eventually share the loot. Or are you outsmarting her and taking all the loot? You could just do that.

Finn and the swirly spin

Goin Finn, the always cheerful leprechaun who, somewhat separately, has found a career as a show guy (male version of a showgirl) at the casino of NetEnt. As you play, Finn encourages you playing on his flute. It hardly gets any funnier. So it’s important to play this game in time before Finn gets hijacked by a Las Vegas casino.

Dead or Alive

In Dead or alive, you’re the villain wanted by the sheriff. He wants to find you at all costs, alive or dead, and is offering a high price for the golden tip. If, despite this hurdle, you stay out of the sheriff’s hands, you’ll take off with the top prize. But know that this isn’t gonna be an easy job. Along the way, you’ll be helped by other thugs, because fortunately the sheriff doesn’t hunt you down alone. But you’re the only one who can get away with the loot, so you have some priority.

Piggy Riches

The name of this game is a reference to Piggy Bank. In this game you enter the huge villa of a posh bunch of pigs. Of course the man scatters with money and likes to receive gifts from his wife. You are there to steal all the money from the piggy banks, the safe and anywhere else. And since they have quite a lot of it lying around, it is quite a job to take it all with you. Will you be able to get away with it? The Piggies won’t miss it, because they’ve got plenty of money.

Lost Relics

Go in Lost Relics together with a scientist, she is very handsome by the way and can teach you a lot, chasing after lost treasures. Along the way you will experience many adventures and who knows, you may have found all the treasures at the end. They are hidden in three types of treasure chests that you will encounter along the way, with a bit of luck. Do you sell the found treasures immediately or do you keep them with you for a while?

Many more games

Of course there are many more slots offered by NetEnt. They are one of the market leaders when it comes to online casino software. In addition, more than 10 new games are released every year, making it always exciting and you’ll always find new features and stories. So make sure you’re always up to date with the latest releases.